Where we Embark on the Grand Plan

Saving Harkenwold

[all, please fill in holes and make corrections here.]

Prior to battling the Bullywugs, the Party had visited Tor’s Hold and had spoken to Bran Torson about help in the battle to overthrow Harken. He supported our mission and said he would meet back up with us in Albridge when we returned to update Dar Gramath on the demise of the bullywugs.

We created a plan with Dar and his men. This plan was:

  • cutoff supply wagons entering/leaving East Hill – 1 day
  • Dar Gramath & co wait one day and then proceed to attack Dardun – 1 day
  • we proceed upriver, through the hills into the forest – 3 days
  • find Woodsinger Elves and convince them to join the quest – 1 day
  • proceed to Marl and defeat holdouts there – 1 day
  • proceed to Harken, where Dar Gramath, Bran Torson and armies will arrive simultaneously – 1 day
  • defeat the Synsatta at the Stronghold and free the Baron!

Torbort’s entry about the first mission is here:

The Battle for Harkenwold Pt. 1: Some time has passed since I’ve had a chance to jot some tings down. I’ll make a quick note as we take our captured wagon towards __. It seems we’ve good and fully joined this fight to drive out the brigands of the Harkenwald. The fight to take the wagon was rougher than some we’ve faced s’far. My first attack landed me squarely at the feet of a human fighter, without touching him with me hammer at all. Abraxus backed me up though, and soon we’d killed the guards in the rear. One of em seemed to be taken by that woodelf magic, and sure enough the Lady Arabella was sitting in the trees, casting her spells to drive them mad. It didn’t stop’m from giving me a good hit with a sword though. Elidion and the old Dragon troubled em from the front, and took on what looked like a damn mean clockwork wolf.

It was the magic user in the passenger seat that gave us fits, hitting Balthazar and Percy, but eventually Abraxus managed to jump inta the wagon and start beating on him from behind. by the time we’d taken care of the guards, and th’ticktock wolf, the magic user was having fits, and the two in the front gave the horse a slap and that wagon starting takin off down the path. With some help from Arabella to stop the horse, Elidion shooting the magic user through the neck with his bow, we were down to one brigand. Abraxus, still in the wagon, smacked the bastard with the flat of his sword, and threw him to the ground.

We woke him, and with the young dragon blowing smoke in his face, he spilled his guts. Then, his guts were spilt. We picked up a bag of gold, and a magic cloak that might be useful to the lady, and are continuing on to the village.

The most memorable bit o the battle will be this, botha them dragons finally belched out some killing fire, that cooked those brigands in their armor. Without both a them hitting with those attacks, we might be still in the wagon, but lyin a whole lot more still.



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