In East Hill

Torbort makes an Ass out of Himself in a Bar full of Brigands

[all please fill in holes and make corrections here.]

After defeating the supply wagon and its guardians, the Party climbed into the wagon and rode into the town of East Hill in the late evening. They parked it in a dark alley and did some investigating on where any Sinsatta might be hanging out. There was a Tavern in the town that had an Inn upstairs called, “…”

After peering in windows, Elidion let the Party know that inside were 4-5 Brigands and a table full of civilian locals. The Party discussed and decided that the best way to defeat these men was to surprise them. Torbort’s idea was to enter the Tavern, get them drunk, then destroy them.

Torbort boisterously entered the bar and demanded the civilians leave so that he could proceed with ‘business talk’ with the Sinsatta. They left hastily.

(from Torbort’s Journal) “I’ve never been one for bluffin folks, all Dwarven folk speaks they minds, and straight-forward too. I reckon if meself or any Dwarf don’t like a creature, they’ll know it soon enough. An I don’t unerstand humans well because of this. Never gettin to the point, always lookin for ore outside the mine. I know this though: humans like their drink but can’t handle it half as well as even the wee-est Dwarfling. So it made sense fer me to be the one to try an get these Sinsatta bastards a bit tipsy before we smashed em up. Also, the other humans from the valley were bound to get killed in a bold attack, so it made sense to scare em out of the tavern first. My only prollem was how to hold the soldier’s attention long enough, an make em trust me enough to down a few drinks. So I tried to bluff. Course I bought a few rounds too, which almost always puts a man at ease, but my tongue tangled while inventin some reason for me bein there, and why I was holdin ten axes and a warhammer. I thought I had’em fer a minute, beasts of all kinds er greedy fer Dwarven weapons, since they are the best ever made, wrought from the finest metals under the earth. So I told em I was from Hammerfast (which I haven’t visited since ol’ Gorpson Rockopf from the Undertusk spotted me pushing over a privy behind the Ax and Fist) and described all the fine weapons I could bring em. They listened to my rambling while they drank their ale, and seemed to be thinking about it until they lost patience and told me about some deal they already had with the Dundelm folk (who I allow do make a decent hammer). It seemed though that the Stonefolk in Dundelm weren’t being dealt with fairly- an it dawned on me that my patience was also runnin out with these murderers. My bluffin wasn’t workin well, they liked the ale enough, but suddenly were turnin mean. I should’ve asked more about the Dundelmers, but about then the captain finally insisted I put down me hammer. We agreed I should put it down but when I tried to put it on his friend’s braincase, the fight was on.”

After failing to persuade the Sinsatta, Torbort started the fight. Arabella circled around the back of the Tavern, entering and pulling the bartender out of there. Gradually, the Party members filed into the Tavern, while the two Dragonborn, Abraxus and Balthazar kool-aid-man (oh yeah!) their way into the place, sending schrapnel of bricks and glass from the windows everywhere.

The Sinsatta were difficult foes, but soundly defeated in a matter of minutes game-time.

The bartender returned to find his place in shambles, and the Party offered gold to pay for the cleaning and repair, as well as rooms for the night.

Early the next day, the party took horses and rode quickly back to the river where Wilden Reedfoot was floating, bloodied in the water. His boat sustained only minor damage, but the nearby ferry house and a few other boats and structures along the river were destroyed and burnt to the ground. The Party soon encountered more brigand foes, along with _______ and a warrior riding a Rage Drake.

[can anyome with details of this battle please fill it in here]



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