Battle with Mallorath

We found the Box

…hey guys, halfway through! the next installment to come before week’s end!

The adventurers rose from a less than restful night as they awoke from evening 2 in the dungeon. All but Torbort (apparently comfortable in his natural habitat) appeared to stretch and bend after their night of stone cold slumbering. Even Elidion, still standing at his post, lids half closed from his somnolent watch, appeared to massage his weary feet. Each adventurer awoke to their own routine … Abraxus journaling, Arabella brushing her hair and checking a worn diary, and Torbort snoring into the early hours of what they could only guess to be dawn.

Ready to adventure, and motivated by the temptation to battle Mallorath, the group elects Elidion to investigate the greater dungeon outside their locked door. Groans and shuffling feet filter through the cracked door, exciting Abraxus and bringing him to his feet. With a bold, clean move he storms through the door, face-to-face with what could only be described as the groups worst nightmare — vanquished guards, a rat and goblin, risen from the dead and motivated to slaughter in the only way zombies know how. The battle was quick, guts and brains were strewn. Working on a full rest, the adventurers banded together to defeat the zombies with no hits taken. The only sacrifice was Percy the 3rd (P3), who valiantly gave his life for his master, Balthazar. Although swift and seemingly effortless, the only thoughts now occupying our adventurers’ minds was that of foreboding. Clearly, this temple was filled with the dark arts. Tempted by the murky looking pond before venturing on, Elidion spies one last mystical image – an oversized furry creature (potentially BugBear) solely illuminated by the reflection of firelight off his freshly sharpened axe.

Retracing their steps through the dungeon leads the group to the very center of dark arts. Cautiously passing the dark altar, the taste of necrotic damage still in their bones, the group plots and plans their next steps. Percy the 4th (P4) is summoned forth and welcomed by Arabella and Balthazar. The wolf is gentle with his master, even while the hairs of his back are visibly aligned as arrows down his back. It is decided to pursue the south entrance. Elidion and Abraxus lead the pack, with Balthazar and Arabella in the rear. Torbort disappears for 5 minutes, with only the stench of excreted fermented badger milk telling of his disappearance.


Ok guys, I got this. Time for me to step it up anyway. Lookout for an update tomorrow night.

Battle with Mallorath

Nice job A! Looking forward to the second half.

Battle with Mallorath

I am really loving the way this is written. Great stuff. Looking forward to the next installment.

Battle with Mallorath

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