Torbort Wartbuckle

Torbort Wartbuckle was originally Torbort Diamondbreaker, a member of the royal house of the Mountain Dwarf clan Daewar, of the Undertusk, or Daewar Undertusk. In his 50th year, his closest friend Orbach Blackavern began an affair with Torbort’s cousin Gordle Diamondsbane. When Gordle became pregnant, Orbach was suspected, tried, and convicted of treason against the clan. His sentence was death. In order to save his best friend’s life, Torbort claimed it was he who had violated his cousin’s marriage vows, knowing his punishment as a relative and a royal would be less than death, but he may have preferred death to the punishment he received. Gordle’s husband Favel was given permission to exact revenge, and he used a red-hot axe-blade to burn off half of Torbort’s cherished beard, potentially the greatest humiliation imaginable to a Dwarf since Torbort would have to choose to wear just half a beard forever or finish the beard-murder* himself.

He was then stripped naked and banished from his mountain home, the word “Banished” tattooed across his chest in Dwarven. He never tried to return and considers himself virtually undead, knowing that if he did go back to the Undertusk, his clan members would kill him on sight.

Orbach Followed him and found him sleeping, half frozen in a cave. He left him some provisions, an axe, and built a fire for his friend. But left before he awoke. He was honor bound to enforce the banishment.

Torbort was thus left to find a new life. Fearing encountering other Dwarves of Daewar, he wandered the lowlands, learning all he could of the ways of his new environment. He became a skilled Ranger, though not necessarily a stealthy one. He’s been ranging for 50 some years, almost entirely alone since he hates meeting dwarves of any clan, might they recognize him or ridicule his appearance. He doesn’t regret anything but has secretly vowed to avenge his beard. He dreams of Mountains, his friend, and a woman he secretly loved as much as his brother/friend Orbach: his cousin Gordle.

The surname Wartbuckle was taken some years after Torbort’s expulsion. He parted with his family name the moment he left Daewar Undertusk. One night in a tavern, drunk on a barrel of whiskey, the human bartender asked his name. Getting no answer he began proposing likely Dwarven sounding surnames, his tone becoming increasingly jovial and mocking. He failed to notice the storm brewing within the drunken dwarf barely clinging to his stool. When the barman proposed “Wartbuckle” his bar exploded in a cloud of splinters, sending both flagons and patrons flying. A hammer cleared the rest of his liquor off of the shelves and slammed down on the hearth at the center of the room, cracking the chimney in half.

“Wartbuckle it is” Torbort slurred, as he kicked the door off its hinges and reeled out into the night.

On the remote occasion he is spoken of in the Undertusk, he is dismissively referred to as “Torbort Halfbeard”

  • “beard-murder” is a seldom perpetrated crime in Dwarven communities, punishable by death. It is defined as the “purposeful murder of a man or woman’s** beard”.
  • Some Dwarven women are blessed with handsome beards. This makes them more desirable to Dwarven men, not less.

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Torbort ponders his lot in life.

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Torbort negotiates his rent with his landlord.

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Torbort Wartbuckle

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On a horse

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Torbort Wartbuckle

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