The Harken Herald's Account of the Battle of Harken

Dateline: Harkenwald

A daring assault on the fortifications of the Iron Keep have successfully retaken Harken and freed the Harkenwald area from the oppressive yoke of the Sinsatta Brotherhood. Following the Battle of Albridge, the brotherhood retreated to Baron Stockmere’s Keep to rally its troops and potentially await reinforcements. If they thought they were safe, they were clearly surprised when pursued by the small band of adventurers who had been critical in the victory at Albridge.

With covering fire from Woodsinger Elves, the adventures conducted a direct assault on the castle gates, an unlikely but ultimately successful attack. Villagers who witnessed the battle recount the valor of the adventurers, who appear to be as brave as they are strangely companioned. The team consists of a comely Wood-Elf she-wizard, a cloaked Drow -who’s features were difficult to discern, two members of the ancient Dragonborn lineage – one elderly and accompanied by a wolf, the other a fearsome looking creature adorned with shining armor. Also there was a mutilated Dwarf riding a drake.

After breaking down the gates with blunt force, the adventurers disappeared into the castle where we rely on interviews from survivors to fill in the tale.

Sometime just before sunset the group vanished into the castle interior. Expecting a stealthy attack through any number of secret doors, the Sinsata Brotherhood was caught off guard by another daring frontal attack in the inner bailey. With deadly accuracy, the defending archers were picked off the walls, even while the attackers took multiple arrow wounds. Already outnumbered by crossbowmen, the adventurers were surprised to be confronted by a Sinsatta Mage and her minions consisting of two tar-devils and one spiny monstrosity from hell.

A surviving scullery-maid informs us that at this point it seemed unlikely the adventurers would get out alive. The dwarf resembled a were-hedgehog, so stuck full of bolts was he. When it seemed darkest, the little blood covered man blew a horn that resounded throughout the Iron Keep, and from where he’d been chewing sausages in the kitchen, came running the drake that had been seen earlier at the gates.

The creature tore into the tar-devils which distracted the Mage long enough for the attackers to gain the upper hand. Soon the battle had tipped in their favor, the final blow coming as the Woodelf stepped out of a turret and cast a spell that ignited the Mage in pillar of fire. The resulting plume of smoke resembled a mushroom.

After the battle in the courtyard, the bloodied group healed themselves through various magic means but remained thoroughly soaked in their own blood. They agreed to assail the inner keep, formerly Lord Stockmere’s residence. Despite a raised drawbridge, the saviors of Harken scampered up walls, while a wolf battered down a less defended door. What transpired inside of the inner Keep remains somewhat of a mystery. Much commotion ensued as the adventurers disappeared inside, eventually lowering the drawbridge for the drake and the elder Dragonborn who waited without.

At a certain point it was remarked upon that the scoundrel Naseen Redthorn appeared as if by magic on the roof, gravely wounded and bleeding from his nether-regions. He seemed to be as surprised as were the witnesses- looking about with far less confidence than he’d shown while terrorizing the people of this fair city. While the commotion in the keep continued, the villain limped across the top of the building and threw himself onto the curtain wall. He struggled to his feet, intent of rejoining the frey, but at the opening of the door to the keep, any number of weapons, both magical and melee, exploded outwards, finally ending his cursed life.

Victorious, the heroes found and released his Lordship Baron Stockmere alive and in good condition. The Baron then bequeathed treasure they had already plundered unto the adventurers and named them “The Defenders of Harken”. Wounded and exhausted, the Defenders of Harken emerged victorious from the castle in the breaking light of dawn, and disappeared into the city, presumably to sleep for many hours.



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