The Harken Herald's Account of the Battle of Harken

Dateline: Harkenwald

A daring assault on the fortifications of the Iron Keep have successfully retaken Harken and freed the Harkenwald area from the oppressive yoke of the Sinsatta Brotherhood. Following the Battle of Albridge, the brotherhood retreated to Baron Stockmere’s Keep to rally its troops and potentially await reinforcements. If they thought they were safe, they were clearly surprised when pursued by the small band of adventurers who had been critical in the victory at Albridge.

With covering fire from Woodsinger Elves, the adventures conducted a direct assault on the castle gates, an unlikely but ultimately successful attack. Villagers who witnessed the battle recount the valor of the adventurers, who appear to be as brave as they are strangely companioned. The team consists of a comely Wood-Elf she-wizard, a cloaked Drow -who’s features were difficult to discern, two members of the ancient Dragonborn lineage – one elderly and accompanied by a wolf, the other a fearsome looking creature adorned with shining armor. Also there was a mutilated Dwarf riding a drake.

After breaking down the gates with blunt force, the adventurers disappeared into the castle where we rely on interviews from survivors to fill in the tale.

Sometime just before sunset the group vanished into the castle interior. Expecting a stealthy attack through any number of secret doors, the Sinsata Brotherhood was caught off guard by another daring frontal attack in the inner bailey. With deadly accuracy, the defending archers were picked off the walls, even while the attackers took multiple arrow wounds. Already outnumbered by crossbowmen, the adventurers were surprised to be confronted by a Sinsatta Mage and her minions consisting of two tar-devils and one spiny monstrosity from hell.

A surviving scullery-maid informs us that at this point it seemed unlikely the adventurers would get out alive. The dwarf resembled a were-hedgehog, so stuck full of bolts was he. When it seemed darkest, the little blood covered man blew a horn that resounded throughout the Iron Keep, and from where he’d been chewing sausages in the kitchen, came running the drake that had been seen earlier at the gates.

The creature tore into the tar-devils which distracted the Mage long enough for the attackers to gain the upper hand. Soon the battle had tipped in their favor, the final blow coming as the Woodelf stepped out of a turret and cast a spell that ignited the Mage in pillar of fire. The resulting plume of smoke resembled a mushroom.

After the battle in the courtyard, the bloodied group healed themselves through various magic means but remained thoroughly soaked in their own blood. They agreed to assail the inner keep, formerly Lord Stockmere’s residence. Despite a raised drawbridge, the saviors of Harken scampered up walls, while a wolf battered down a less defended door. What transpired inside of the inner Keep remains somewhat of a mystery. Much commotion ensued as the adventurers disappeared inside, eventually lowering the drawbridge for the drake and the elder Dragonborn who waited without.

At a certain point it was remarked upon that the scoundrel Naseen Redthorn appeared as if by magic on the roof, gravely wounded and bleeding from his nether-regions. He seemed to be as surprised as were the witnesses- looking about with far less confidence than he’d shown while terrorizing the people of this fair city. While the commotion in the keep continued, the villain limped across the top of the building and threw himself onto the curtain wall. He struggled to his feet, intent of rejoining the frey, but at the opening of the door to the keep, any number of weapons, both magical and melee, exploded outwards, finally ending his cursed life.

Victorious, the heroes found and released his Lordship Baron Stockmere alive and in good condition. The Baron then bequeathed treasure they had already plundered unto the adventurers and named them “The Defenders of Harken”. Wounded and exhausted, the Defenders of Harken emerged victorious from the castle in the breaking light of dawn, and disappeared into the city, presumably to sleep for many hours.

Onward Upriver through the Briar Hills
Torbort Rides his Rage Drake against Better Judgement

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After the battle with the brigands and rage drake rider, the Party ran back to the river to sail further upriver and continue the quest. Torbort was riding the Rage Drake, now named, “Francis.”

Reluctantly, Wilden allowed the Drake on the boat, feeling grateful that he was saved from certain death by Balthazar. Too weak to control the boat, he enlisted the Party to take controls and steer the boat up the river.

Entering the Hills, the Party witnessed a large tree fall across the river, blocking their path. Soon, the Party was being pelted with large boulders and clods of mud thrown by Hill Giants and Cliff Monkeys.


In East Hill
Torbort makes an Ass out of Himself in a Bar full of Brigands

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After defeating the supply wagon and its guardians, the Party climbed into the wagon and rode into the town of East Hill in the late evening. They parked it in a dark alley and did some investigating on where any Sinsatta might be hanging out. There was a Tavern in the town that had an Inn upstairs called, “…”

After peering in windows, Elidion let the Party know that inside were 4-5 Brigands and a table full of civilian locals. The Party discussed and decided that the best way to defeat these men was to surprise them. Torbort’s idea was to enter the Tavern, get them drunk, then destroy them.

Torbort boisterously entered the bar and demanded the civilians leave so that he could proceed with ‘business talk’ with the Sinsatta. They left hastily.

(from Torbort’s Journal) “I’ve never been one for bluffin folks, all Dwarven folk speaks they minds, and straight-forward too. I reckon if meself or any Dwarf don’t like a creature, they’ll know it soon enough. An I don’t unerstand humans well because of this. Never gettin to the point, always lookin for ore outside the mine. I know this though: humans like their drink but can’t handle it half as well as even the wee-est Dwarfling. So it made sense fer me to be the one to try an get these Sinsatta bastards a bit tipsy before we smashed em up. Also, the other humans from the valley were bound to get killed in a bold attack, so it made sense to scare em out of the tavern first. My only prollem was how to hold the soldier’s attention long enough, an make em trust me enough to down a few drinks. So I tried to bluff. Course I bought a few rounds too, which almost always puts a man at ease, but my tongue tangled while inventin some reason for me bein there, and why I was holdin ten axes and a warhammer. I thought I had’em fer a minute, beasts of all kinds er greedy fer Dwarven weapons, since they are the best ever made, wrought from the finest metals under the earth. So I told em I was from Hammerfast (which I haven’t visited since ol’ Gorpson Rockopf from the Undertusk spotted me pushing over a privy behind the Ax and Fist) and described all the fine weapons I could bring em. They listened to my rambling while they drank their ale, and seemed to be thinking about it until they lost patience and told me about some deal they already had with the Dundelm folk (who I allow do make a decent hammer). It seemed though that the Stonefolk in Dundelm weren’t being dealt with fairly- an it dawned on me that my patience was also runnin out with these murderers. My bluffin wasn’t workin well, they liked the ale enough, but suddenly were turnin mean. I should’ve asked more about the Dundelmers, but about then the captain finally insisted I put down me hammer. We agreed I should put it down but when I tried to put it on his friend’s braincase, the fight was on.”

After failing to persuade the Sinsatta, Torbort started the fight. Arabella circled around the back of the Tavern, entering and pulling the bartender out of there. Gradually, the Party members filed into the Tavern, while the two Dragonborn, Abraxus and Balthazar kool-aid-man (oh yeah!) their way into the place, sending schrapnel of bricks and glass from the windows everywhere.

The Sinsatta were difficult foes, but soundly defeated in a matter of minutes game-time.

The bartender returned to find his place in shambles, and the Party offered gold to pay for the cleaning and repair, as well as rooms for the night.

Early the next day, the party took horses and rode quickly back to the river where Wilden Reedfoot was floating, bloodied in the water. His boat sustained only minor damage, but the nearby ferry house and a few other boats and structures along the river were destroyed and burnt to the ground. The Party soon encountered more brigand foes, along with _______ and a warrior riding a Rage Drake.

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Where we Embark on the Grand Plan
Saving Harkenwold

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Prior to battling the Bullywugs, the Party had visited Tor’s Hold and had spoken to Bran Torson about help in the battle to overthrow Harken. He supported our mission and said he would meet back up with us in Albridge when we returned to update Dar Gramath on the demise of the bullywugs.

We created a plan with Dar and his men. This plan was:

  • cutoff supply wagons entering/leaving East Hill – 1 day
  • Dar Gramath & co wait one day and then proceed to attack Dardun – 1 day
  • we proceed upriver, through the hills into the forest – 3 days
  • find Woodsinger Elves and convince them to join the quest – 1 day
  • proceed to Marl and defeat holdouts there – 1 day
  • proceed to Harken, where Dar Gramath, Bran Torson and armies will arrive simultaneously – 1 day
  • defeat the Synsatta at the Stronghold and free the Baron!

Torbort’s entry about the first mission is here:

The Battle for Harkenwold Pt. 1: Some time has passed since I’ve had a chance to jot some tings down. I’ll make a quick note as we take our captured wagon towards __. It seems we’ve good and fully joined this fight to drive out the brigands of the Harkenwald. The fight to take the wagon was rougher than some we’ve faced s’far. My first attack landed me squarely at the feet of a human fighter, without touching him with me hammer at all. Abraxus backed me up though, and soon we’d killed the guards in the rear. One of em seemed to be taken by that woodelf magic, and sure enough the Lady Arabella was sitting in the trees, casting her spells to drive them mad. It didn’t stop’m from giving me a good hit with a sword though. Elidion and the old Dragon troubled em from the front, and took on what looked like a damn mean clockwork wolf.

It was the magic user in the passenger seat that gave us fits, hitting Balthazar and Percy, but eventually Abraxus managed to jump inta the wagon and start beating on him from behind. by the time we’d taken care of the guards, and th’ticktock wolf, the magic user was having fits, and the two in the front gave the horse a slap and that wagon starting takin off down the path. With some help from Arabella to stop the horse, Elidion shooting the magic user through the neck with his bow, we were down to one brigand. Abraxus, still in the wagon, smacked the bastard with the flat of his sword, and threw him to the ground.

We woke him, and with the young dragon blowing smoke in his face, he spilled his guts. Then, his guts were spilt. We picked up a bag of gold, and a magic cloak that might be useful to the lady, and are continuing on to the village.

The most memorable bit o the battle will be this, botha them dragons finally belched out some killing fire, that cooked those brigands in their armor. Without both a them hitting with those attacks, we might be still in the wagon, but lyin a whole lot more still.

Invading the Bullywug Lair
Frog's Legs for Dinner

From Balthazar’s diary…

One thing I’ve learned in this world, is if you think you’re going into battle over a noble cause, chances are you’ve been misguided. There are no noble causes: only defending yourself against an attacker. You don’t attack if you haven’t been attacked.

I’d undertaken this mission with these scrappy and stubborn adventurers initially in the name of what we thought was some noble cause. I sort of reasoned for once, maybe there is such thing. The brigands have been wreaking havoc all across these lands and we’ve been asked for help to defeat them. But, really, the more I thought about it, it’s not about an abstract cause or greedy deity, it’s about people being attacked in their lands, their neighborhoods and their homes. If we can help make this not so, we should. We Dragonborn are a proud race and understand what it means to be disturbed and killed at home.

Furthermore, when Dar Gramath asked us to rid the people of Bullywugs attacking the villages of the West, we accepted with no question. All their able-bodied men are busy defending their homes against these creatures that seem to have no clear reason for the disturbances other than for the sake of disturbing. Bullywugs remind me of demons. We reason that if we can defeat the giant frogs, the people of Harkenwold can build a better army to defend themselves against the brigands and Sinsatta Brotherhood. And, we can make our way, furthering our own adventures.

After we sailed down the river with the mighty Reedfoot sailors and found the main den of the bullywugs, we had a very exciting battle in the front of the cave. I’d never seen those large flies before. They were a terrible sight— and extremely painful, too. Arabella seemed, for the first time I could tell, so uncomfortable and distracted. I’d really thought of her as one whose focus couldn’t be broken in the greatest of battles, but there in the damp, dark cave smelling of old entrails, she seemed out of her element. I hope for our collective sake, we can avoid such foul battlegrounds in the future. And to tell the truth, this old wanderer felt truly disturbed as well. As a druid, dealing with the carrion feeders and basest evil-doers seems to inject an incredible negative energy into my soul. Maybe she feels the same.

After a short rest from the surprises and effort of the battle, we decided to proceed further into the den. After all, we were there to eradicate the menace.

In the next room, we found a large dragon skull in the middle of the room, as well as a large pit that was too dark to see the bottom of. In a corner was what looked to be mostly humanoid skulls piled up. The smell in here seemed more intense than the previous room.

This is when 2 toxic Oozes showed up. Abraxus did some damage (8 points) to Ooze #2 quickly and was just as quickly flanked by an arriving Croaker. I sent Percy VI in, and he took 11 damage from Ooze #1. Elidion quickly followed, taking 13 more damage, bloodying this Ooze. These Oozes were disgusting and mighty persistent. Torbort came in and threw his axe for 13, and Arabella followed with her Magic Missles, killing #1.

I swept in and killed the Croaker, who turned out to be a minion. This alerted us to a stronger foe in the area. Elidion and Torbort then held back to analyze the enemies, deferring their action to a more strategic time in the encounter. Arabella and Abraxus both went for Ooze #2, since this thing seemed capable of doing some nasty damage. They took 7 and 9 damage respectively. Ooze #2 was obviously agitated and went for Braxy, taking 7 acid damage. The Young One was in pain.

Then, 4 Croakers ran out. Elidion made quick work of #3. Luckily the Croakers seemed incapable of landing hits on our Party. A couple of times during this encounter, strange blasts were emanating from the large skull. Turns out, Glorp, the leader of the bullywugs was hiding in there, shooting from within, maintaining superior cover. I spoke to Percy telepathically and commanded him to go to the rear of the skull to see if there was an opening large enough to enter and attack this little coward.

Having a friend made of magic means they always follow your command and always love you— at the same time… even if you accidentally kill them or lead them into a deadly situation.

The Ooze #2 remained and became a big problem for the Young One. Although, he got in some good hits. Torbort and Elidion killed Croakers. At this point, I healed Abraxus, fearing the poison damage would continue. Percy, following his orders perfectly, reached in and bit Glorp for 10 damage. Arabella tried to reach Glorp with her magic, but the cover of the skull proved too much to overcome.

Abraxus and Elidion try again to kill Ooze #2 and Elidion succeeds, taking 23 damage!

I attempted to use my confounded Dragon Breath, but alas, that cursed power never works properly— I choke! Good thing Percy was awaiting my command back behind the skull.

Meanwhile Arabella and company were working on the Croakers that were proving to be very difficult and annoying foes indeed. The Party makes quick work of them. Tobort killed Croaker #4 and Elidion killed Ooze #2.

Percy then bit Glorpy for 10. Glorp was mighty surprised! Torbort tossed one of our barrels of oil, and instead of hitting inside the skull, he misses and it rolls down beside. I ignited my Heat Metal onto a dagger I was holding and threw it at the barrel to ignite. Percy ran away. Arabella then followed up my burning dagger trick with magic missiles to encourage the barrel to explode, catching the skull on fire.

Several attempts to poke at him through the eye holes result in bloodying him! Glorp, badly hurt, offers ‘treasure’ to stop hurting him. He then mentioned that, “perhaps he would stop attacks against villagers.”

The Young One, tired and full of cuts and bruises ran up to intimidate Glorp. Successfully he grabs and carries Glorp out of the skull. Out of combat, Elidion inspected the pile of skulls in the corner to find bags of gold and sapphires and armor, like Flame Bracers made of leather, and shield bracers called Counterstrike Guards made of plate armor. I took the Flame Bracers and the Counterstrike Guards were most well-suited for Abraxus.

Also, a small amount of water was standing near a wall. Arabella went over and investigated it, finding Bullywug eggs! Quickly, Torbort threw the last barrel into the water and Arabella exploded it, boiling the eggs where they lay.

Abraxus, still holding Glorp, stood near the entrance of the cave. The rest of us, feeling the fight, sat briefly to recover our senses. I felt good eradicating such a troublesome menace for the nearby Villagers, but I couldn’t help but think about my own past and what happened in that village long ago. Ah, but I was a young chap then— a proud Dragonborn serving in my clan’s army, anxious to please my superiors. It pains me to have to participate in battles, but at least now, having found Ioun— wisdom and patience, and the skills of a healer, I can provide aid to the necessary dirty business of war.

I’d just finished this entry in the journal, and the group was ready to move on and find camp.

We all were poised on the edge of the cave, some were carefully descending the small cliff when what seemed as a returning raid party approached from the swamp. There were Giant Frogs, Leapers, and Ugloor, their leader.

Elidion quickly decided to kill Glorp with Abraxus still holding him. Abraxus dropped the body and shot a javelin at Ugloor. Torbort and Arabella made quick work of the Leapers. Elidion bloodied and soon killed Giant Frog #1. Torbort nailed Ugloor with a double-weapon damage of 36. Giant Frog #2 suffers significant damage, but eats Percy VI. For that, Torbort killed Giant Frog #2. Arabella caged Ugloor and Abraxus followed up, killing Ugloor with minimal effort.

Truly exhausted, we decided to camp at the cave’s mouth. On high ground, and with Elidion, the Drow Who Doesn’t Sleep, we felt protected enough out underneath the stars.

Down The White River

As the party set out from Raith-Ann’s cottage towards the river to meet with Willet Reedfoot the sky turned grey and it started to rain. As the party reached the river in Allbridge the rain had become a torrential downpour. As planned Willet and his son Shane were waiting under the bridge with a boat. The bad weather had swollen the river and enraged the current. Undaunted yet questioning their collective swimming skills the party set out down the river. Willet being a skilled and experienced river man still struggled against the fierce and stormy river. As the boat bounced and crashed against the current and the floating debris the party sprung into action. Abraxus with oar in hand pushed the boat away from the rocky banks and the dangerous debris. Elidion swung from the ropes across the deck securing the sail against the mighty wind. Torbort took hold of the rudder and impaired with ale was unable to steer the vessel. Balthasar shouted words of encouragement to the party rallying them to the task at hand. Arabella communing with nature found the calm current at the center of the stream. as the rain gradually subsided the party sailed on into the grey afternoon. Willet and Shane shared a hearty snack of country bread cheese and apples with the party while pointing out landmarks along the river.

Battle with Mallorath
We found the Box

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The adventurers rose from a less than restful night as they awoke from evening 2 in the dungeon. All but Torbort (apparently comfortable in his natural habitat) appeared to stretch and bend after their night of stone cold slumbering. Even Elidion, still standing at his post, lids half closed from his somnolent watch, appeared to massage his weary feet. Each adventurer awoke to their own routine … Abraxus journaling, Arabella brushing her hair and checking a worn diary, and Torbort snoring into the early hours of what they could only guess to be dawn.

Ready to adventure, and motivated by the temptation to battle Mallorath, the group elects Elidion to investigate the greater dungeon outside their locked door. Groans and shuffling feet filter through the cracked door, exciting Abraxus and bringing him to his feet. With a bold, clean move he storms through the door, face-to-face with what could only be described as the groups worst nightmare — vanquished guards, a rat and goblin, risen from the dead and motivated to slaughter in the only way zombies know how. The battle was quick, guts and brains were strewn. Working on a full rest, the adventurers banded together to defeat the zombies with no hits taken. The only sacrifice was Percy the 3rd (P3), who valiantly gave his life for his master, Balthazar. Although swift and seemingly effortless, the only thoughts now occupying our adventurers’ minds was that of foreboding. Clearly, this temple was filled with the dark arts. Tempted by the murky looking pond before venturing on, Elidion spies one last mystical image – an oversized furry creature (potentially BugBear) solely illuminated by the reflection of firelight off his freshly sharpened axe.

Retracing their steps through the dungeon leads the group to the very center of dark arts. Cautiously passing the dark altar, the taste of necrotic damage still in their bones, the group plots and plans their next steps. Percy the 4th (P4) is summoned forth and welcomed by Arabella and Balthazar. The wolf is gentle with his master, even while the hairs of his back are visibly aligned as arrows down his back. It is decided to pursue the south entrance. Elidion and Abraxus lead the pack, with Balthazar and Arabella in the rear. Torbort disappears for 5 minutes, with only the stench of excreted fermented badger milk telling of his disappearance.

The Evil Within

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After awakening in their camp, the party grabbed some of the water from the clear wells in the room and, feeling instantly refreshed, decide to continue on their adventure further into the dungeon.

Walking through the room that had the trap and rug in it, the Party is surprised by 2 goblins and a dire rat. Using some very creative magic, Arabella Goldswallow hypnotises the rat, making him take a walk right into the trap. The goblins were easy opponents and the rat, lying prone at the bottom of the trap, was still alive. The Party decided to be humane and kill it, with Abraxus Ghesh throwing a javelin and Arabella Goldswallow finishing him off with a Magic Missle.

The Party proceeded very cautiously into the next room. It was eery not hearing any noises. Using their tried-and-true method of sending Elidion Stranglethorn in first, they were met with a strange set of life-size chess pieces and a floor that appeared to be a chessboard. There were four pawns, one knight, one queen and one rook.

It was a room that felt strongly of magic and the enemies seemed to have nothing natural about them. Balthazar Rinn-Biri sent his wolf companion, Percy Q Wolfingtons, first, to get a handle on the room and what dangers might await. Sure enough, Percy entered and was thrown back several squares, suffering 5 psychic damage. One by one, the Party attempted entering the room trying to figure out how to move and what was holding them back. Eventually, they discovered they could obliterate pawns with ranged attacks and that they themselves were restricted to moving like chess pieces. It just took some time to figure out which chess pieces they were. It was deduced later that everyone was a bishop, except Torbort Wartbuckle, who was a knight.

Arabella Goldswallow took out a few pawns with Magic Missles. Elidion Stranglethorn was very brave, but took quite a lot of damage trying to figure out the room. Balthazar Rinn-Biri healed him, taking some time to bloody the queen. Torbort Wartbuckle killed the queen, later, Elidion Stranglethorn killed the rook. Abraxus Ghesh bloodied the knight. Torbort Wartbuckle, who was caught in the middle of the action, missed his target, getting himself bloodied. Luckily, Abraxus Ghesh was there to shield him. Finally, Elidion Stranglethorn killed the knight and Arabella Goldswallow killed the last pawn. Sadly Percy Q. Wolfington the First lost his young life in the battle.

Torbort Wartbuckle was covered in the dust from the chesspieces’ demise, but managed to drink from his flagon that carried water from the room in the dungeon. Much to his and the Party’s surprise, the water provided a healing surge. The rest of the party, most of whom were bloodied or badly hurt, took a short rest to regain power and spend some healing surges.

The Party proceeded into the next room with great hesitation. The battle they’d just had was the most difficult to date. Elidion Stranglethorn managed to open the door quietly, but the party wasn’t able to surprise their foes in the next room. To their surprise, it wasn’t a group of goblins, but four humans instead. The party took the opportunity to attempt diplomacy, figuring the humans were the first creatures they had an opportunity to speak Common with. (The Dragon may have, but the Dragonborn communicated with him in Draconic)

The diplomacy failed, as the human guards were intent on fighting.

The guards quickly proved to be extremely formidable opponents, too. Learning this fact quickly, Arabella Goldswallow caged one, and a few other members of the party managed to get in some hits. Percy Q. Wolfington II bloodied another guy, while Arabella took one out with her famous Magic Missle attack. Elidion Stranglethorn attempted a risky, but successful strategy using the Cloud of Darkness power to blind three of the humans, making them also invisible to the Party as well, which effectively translated into a -5 to attack rolls. After lots of intense battle and Partymembers becoming bloodied, three of the four humans were killed. The one left asked the Party to spare him, and while he stood there pleading, changed into another being: he revealed himself to be a Doppleganger.

He mentioned that he was pretending to be a human in order to earn money and that dying wasn’t worth it. These guys had been paid guards for Mallorath, who the Party found out, is a human necromancer who has taken up residence deep in the dungeon. They also learned that Treavus, whose box of gold is why they’re on the adventure in the first place, was a friend of Mallorath’s but had gotten into some sort of disagreement.

The Party answered the Doppleganger’s pleas and escorted him out of the front entrance, convinced he would no longer be any trouble for the Party. Torbort would have happily planted an axe in his skull, but he has apparently decided to be cooperative. Meanwhile, the Party searched the room where the battle had taken place. There was a giant statue of Baphomet, the demon lord of minotaurs. Noticing a glimmer in the statue’s eyes, Elidion Stranglethorn climbed up and found the eyes were gems and removed them. They turned out to be Moonstones, worth around 100 gold a piece.

Balthazar Rinn-Biri wandered over to the altar, taking 5 necrotic (psychic?) damage just for standing near it. The Party concluded that the good gods and altars near the front of the dungeon were all a false front, because everything about this room and the previous room reeked of evil and strong magic— minotaur magic. Something evil was hiding in here and didn’t want to be disturbed.

After some deliberation, the Party decided it best to camp again in the front room, reasoning the protection of the walls was better than staying out in the wilderness. They also knew that attempting to head back to town in the shape they were in was opening themselves up for a chance attack en route.

Experience Points Awarded: 220

Back to the Hillside
First in-depth adventure

From the first adventure, our intrepid heroes begin this week’s journey with a full night’s rest and 180 XP each.

The Party left the Copper Flagon to go back to the strange lair in the side of the hill. The time before, when the party came upon this lair, it was discovered to have two distinct doors: one with heat emanating from it— the other with cold. The exploration of this lair was left to this week’s adventure.

It was decided to enter the hot door and to explore the lair in search of the missing box that the goblins had stolen.

Elidion was chosen to move in first, to try and elude notice from whatever was inside. Instead, upon opening the door, he found 2 lit braziers, 2 goblin guards and a frightened horse in the main corridor. There was no surprising them, as they both saw the door open and Elidion proceed in. The Party had made good headway against these two goblins, when one Hexhurler, or Goblin Shaman, entered the room. After a few rounds with him, a Drake entered the southernmost door and proceeded to bloody Torbert.

It took several more rounds and some creative use of a mixture of minor and standard actions on everyones’ part, along with a certain animal companion of Balthazar’s to finally defeat all the foes. Once killed, the Party checked out the braziers and then proceeded into the room from which the Hexhurler came and inspected the bright orange rune on the floor. This turned out to be a protection rune that guarded against fire damage.

Moving further into the lair, the Party was met with one Dire Rat, who, although easy to kill, greatly aroused suspicions around the group. After this room, the Party was met with yet another Dire Rat and 4 goblins.

Still, there seemed to be no sign of the mysterious box.

The Party then took a short rest and hit a milestone, gaining every player 1 Action Point. Arabella and Abraxus both managed to save their action points to this point, meaning they each now had two points— a great advantage for the Party!

After the short rest, the Party noticed the only door to proceed through in this room had the familiar icy breeze coming from it they’d experienced from the two entry doors. After much deliberation, it was decided to go, with Elidion leading the way. Upon entering, a large icy-breathed young dragon was hunched over a large, blue glowing rune on the floor. He seemed quite annoyed and with hesitation, it was decided that Abraxus should go in and attempt diplomacy with the Dragon. Abraxus was successful in getting some information out of him. The dragon mentioned he was annoyed by a swarm of goblins and their leader, Malorath, invading and living in his precious lair. He mentioned that beyond goblins, there was a drake and a few humans that seemed to be involved in some capacity with Malorath. The dragon, though, seemed reluctant to share much more, and with one last attempt, Balthazar entered and asked a few more questions. Not wanting to aggravate the dragon further, the Party was granted passage and left the room.

The next room greeted the Party with two Kobolds. Again, easy to kill, but left the heroes quite suspicious. Soon after those were killed, 5 more came in quick succession to attack. Out of the battle, one kobold retreated and Abraxus picked up 10 javelins. There were 6 runes on the floor of this room— not glowing this time. Balthazar studied them and realized they were words for Hope, Life, Sun and Time in reverence for the God, Pelor, the good god of the sun and summer. After this battle, Balthazar noted that the Kobolds weren’t among the list of nuisances the Dragon had mentioned earlier and alerted the party to the potential implications of their killing them. It was then revealed to the Party then that the kobold that retreated had actually returned to the room with the dragon and was huddled near the rune. The Party decided it was time to leave, fearing a great attack by the dragon.

After leaving the Party returned to the room near the entry, where the Fire Rune and interesting brazier were to investigate further. Balthazar checked the brazier and found a bag of 300pcs of silver, which is equivalent to 30pcs of gold!

With the exploration of that room, the Party decided to call it a day and bedded down in a protected room near the hot entrance of the lair. The Party discussed their pasts a little, learning a little more about their new companions. Torbort offered the group a swallow of his home-brewed fermented badger milk but Abraxus was the only one to take him up on the offer, a decision he would have regretted if not for the respect it engendered from the little Ranger. Balthazar distributed the found coin evenly amongst the Party and everyone gained 6 gold pcs. Also, each hero gained 355 XP from the days’ encounter.

Experience Points Awarded: 355

First Mission
The Goblin Cave

We entered the Goblin cave, there were goblins. Several got hammered, stabbed and one just died somehow. A stuffed rat was found. One of the cowardly beasts led this party to the two doors in the hillside, and then ran. Because he hadn’t been cut in half which isn’t Torbort’s fault. <!—More—>

Experience Points Awarded: 180

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